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Rivers Of Gold is an amateur blog about finance. Many people seem to have a lot of trouble with money, markets, and other things related to the handling of money. Either they have some very outlandish ideas about how it works, or they have no idea how it works and sometimes are even afraid of it. My goal is to de-mystify both traditional finance as well as crypto finance for the average reader by thorough analysis, depth-progressive content, and concrete data to back up that content.

Rivers Of Gold began in early 2021 as a personal, hobby project by myself, Christopher Conforti, taking inspiration from ShoutMeLoud's Harsh Agrawal (RSS feed). I use simple tools and technology, at least, simple as compared to most other websites of the same kind. I am a practicioner of Agile Development, and I believe in a simple and private World Wide Web, so I maintain an RSS feed, try not to use tech that can easily be exploited, and try to make the HTML for my pages as clean and understandable as possible. I encourage the tech-savvy among my readers to peruse the sources of my pages.

Rivers Of Gold also has ad space available. You may send an email here for more.

All content hosted on this website server is copyright Christopher C. Conforti 2021; Licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).